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Have you got a letter from a debt collector?  Does it have a threatening tone in the way it is worded?

As a result, do you fear for the security of your home and your job? Nations Finance understand.

Do you think it would impact your job and future employment prospects if your boss found out about debt collectors?

You could consider paying back your defaulted debts with a bad credit secured loan if you have enough income.

If you are being bombarded with phone calls all day, to your home number, your mobile number and your office number from aggressive autodiallers you should be looking to get help.

Some debt collectors send tracing agents looking for you.  Not only do they bang on your door, but some of them also go and tap your neighbour’s doors too asking questions that may make them uncomfortable.

If you get a letter from a debt collector you can use the internet and google to find out how aggressive they are.

If you go to google and type in then the name of the debt collector that’s written to you, you can get an indication as to how actively they harass people.

For example, go to google and type in: Cabot

You will find lots of Cabot Financial phone numbers used as outgoing cli’s.  The comments are generally very negative and people describe the calls as harassment calls, annoying or untrustworthy.

To end harassment please complete the form below:

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Some debt collectors include Cabot and Lowell.

Nations Finance

Have you had a debt collector on your home doorstep?

Often the nastiest debt collector agencies send manipulative men to your house doorstep to harass you into robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Have You Received a Nasty Threatening Letter from Collection Agency?

Many of the most horrible debt collectors use threatening letters to find out if it is worth putting you in court for a CCJ.

Harassment calls – Nations Finance understand.

Some of the nastiest debt collection agencies use auto dialler boiler rooms to make threatening phone calls to your home, your employers and your mobile phone to harass you into making payments you can’t afford.

Attachment of earnings application (DEA)

The excellent thing about an attachment of earnings application is sometimes you don’t need to pay anything and your work may not need to find out.